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V-belt pulleys

V-belt pulleys are the drive pulleys for V-belts. They are mainly made of grey cast iron, as this guarantees long static friction. This static friction, which is generated by the flanks of the V-belt in the pulleys, leads to a frictional connection. Depending on the required number of V-belts, the number of grooves in the pulleys must be selected.

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Chain packing.

  • Roller chain assembly
  • Rubberizing and coating of drive components
  • Customization based on measurements/drawings,
  • Cutting roller chains to length
  • Custom manufacture of belt pulleys and sprockets according to drawings 

Belt assembly.

  • Cutting toothed belts, ribbed belts and flat belts to the specified width
  • Special dimensions
  • Cutting open-ended toothed belts, round belts and V-belts to length
  • Manufacture of conveyor belts 

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