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Drive technology

Drive technology refers to technical systems and components for generating motion by means of power transmission. Components that fall under the term drive technology are chains, belts, couplings, gears or shaft-hub connections.  

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Chain packing.

  • Roller chain assembly
  • Rubberizing and coating of drive components
  • Customization based on measurements/drawings,
  • Cutting roller chains to length
  • Custom manufacture of belt pulleys and sprockets according to drawings 

Belt assembly.

  • Cutting toothed belts, ribbed belts and flat belts to the specified width
  • Special dimensions
  • Cutting open-ended toothed belts, round belts and V-belts to length
  • Manufacture of conveyor belts 

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The Strongbelt brand specializes in the field of belt drives. In addition, individual special solutions are developed from their own design as well as customer-specific solutions and high-quality standard drive elements.
Main products are industrial drive chains, roller chains with attachments and large conveyor chains. Related products such as cam clutches, sprockets, shaft couplings, safety devices, timing belts and pulleys complete the range.
The Wippermann Group develops and manufactures traction devices and connecting elements. From industrial chains to bicycle chains or screws.
Renold is one of the world's leading chain manufacturers and offers chain solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.
KTR is a leading global manufacturer of power transmission components, braking systems and cooling systems, and hydraulic components. Milestones: The BoWex® is developed in Rheine, the first maintenance-free curved-tooth coupling® that combines steel and plastic. The ROTEX® follows shortly thereafter, the first brand coupling that becomes a DIN standard.
Stieber Clutch
The core competence lies in the design and manufacture of drive elements for mechanical engineering. Stieber's great strength is the development and manufacture of freewheels and backstops that transmit torque by means of frictional engagement.
Gates Corporation is a leading manufacturer of application-specific solutions for fluid power and power transmission. Gates strives to push the boundaries of materials science to create products that continually exceed expectations.